The iPod Halo Effect

The iPod Halo Effect
April 19, 2007, 2:09 pm
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Get a Mac – Trust Mac

Just another one of those ‘Get a Mac’ ads to start off another post. Don’t get sick of them just yet cos i’m planning on posting a few more haha. Hey, they are amusing, are’nt they? (Well to me at least ;p). 

So what is this so called iPod Halo Effect you may ask? In brand marketing, a halo effect is one where the perceived positive features of a particular item extend to a broader brand. Thus the iPod Halo Effect phenomenon has been used to describe how the iPod has had positive effects on perceptions of Apple’s other products. In other words, the iPod’s popularity helped Apple get PC users jumping on the Mac bandwagon, and more and more people started getting interested in the whole Apple product line. With respect to Apple’s history in the computing business, i think the release of the iPod was really when Apple got it’s big break. It certainly showed the world the ease of use and beauty of Apple products.

I was a great PC fan before. Don’t get me wrong, i even still use PCs on a daily basis at work, and i still do think they’re great, but not as great as a Mac. My love for the computing world and PCs were the main reasons why i wanted to get a degree in any computing field. And indeed i did, in Business Information Techonology. PCs helped me love technology. PCs helped me become what i am today. My PC ‘skills’ secured me a very good job in Web Development & Design. So what’s wrong with a PC?

Quite alot actually. It never occurred to me just how much time i wasted troubleshooting, virus scanning, rebooting after PC hangs, searching (and destroying) spyware, etc etc etc! Oh, and not forgetting to mention all the hard work i lost due to all the frozen screens! With a Mac it’s been quite different. Life in computing seriously hasn’t been the same :p


Macs have seriously evolved from their not-so-user friendly interfaces back in the day. I remember trying to use one in uni and failed miserably. More importantly, anything created on a Mac in those days couldn’t be used or even opened in PCs. I guess, that was the main cause of their unpopularity. In my first year, the computer labs were divided into two sections, half was full of Macs, and the other half PCs. The PC section was usually full, in contrast to the empty Mac section. It wasn’t surprising that in my final year, the number of Mac computer labs started decreasing. So yea, Macs were very un-user friendly, ugly and very unpopular. My single experience with the Mac made me stay away from them.. until i met the iPod.

[To be continued in my next post]


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