The iPod Halo Effect

The iPod Halo Effect Part 2
April 23, 2007, 5:30 pm
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iPod Ad – Wild Postings

Oh yes, the iPod changed my life, literally. The fact that it could run on PCs made me curious to what the fuss was all about.  I’m a sucker for good ads, so i was intrigued by that one up there.. But what was the point of getting one, i asked myself? I didn’t need a music player cos i had cds in my car..

Enter the iPod FM transmitters! It meant that i could listen to my whole cd collection in my car without burning a single cd anymore! Transmitting the tunes from my iPod to the car stereo wirelessly seemed so cool back then (and it still does!).

I finally got myself a 3rd Gen iPod complete with FM Transmitter, fell in love with it and the rest was history. Not only did it look stunning at the time, it was seriously very easy to use. Syncing was simple and it was just easier to update my iPod with new songs every day, without having to burn a whole cd as i used to do. My love for the iPod in turn led to checking out what other things Apple had to offer..


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And you’re the reason why i have started liking Apple products :)

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