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An Apple changed my life
May 2, 2007, 11:22 pm
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The Middle Seat

After months of research, i finally bought my first Mac in January 2006. Somehow it seems so long ago. Bought a white 12 inch iBook G4 and it only took me half a day to get used to it – to find out what goes where, what does what, etc. I knew it was going to be fun using a Mac and all, but i seriously didn’t expect it to be such an easy transition from Windows to the OS X.

One of the cool things i loved about a mac way before i bought one was this feature called Exposé. When you’re working on many things all at once, and you have many windows open, Exposé lets you see each and every window all at once by simply clicking the F9 key. Exposé instantly tiles all of your open windows, scales them down and neatly arranges them, so you can see what’s in every single one! Move the mouse over onto the window you want and walah, the window becomes active! Click F11 and Exposé hides all open windows, giving you instant access to your desktop. Beats the ‘Show Desktop’ button on Windows any day! Vista tried something similar, but could’nt quite pull it off.

Another feature that made me buy an iBook is the Sleep feature. I’ve always had trouble with my PC’s (laptop) sleep function. Everytime i close the monitor, it would sleep, but it still used up the battery as if i was using the laptop all along, and after a few hours, my laptop would be out of power. Not with an iBook..

You can just close the lid at any single time and it sleeps instantly. Open the lid the next day and you’ll still have just about the same amount of battery life you had when you put it to sleep! And of course, you’ll be able to continue your work where you left off. Amazing.

“People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.” – Alan Kay

Wise words indeed.

Here is a summary of the things i love about Macs (definitely just a fraction of the many reasons):

1. It just works. – How much time have you spent troubleshooting your PC? All the hardware and software just works, and works well together. Get a Mac and get your life back.

2. Viruses? – Mac OS X was designed for high security, so it isn’t plagued by constant attacks from viruses, spyware and malware like PCs. Likewise, it isn’t plagued by never-ending security dialog boxes like those in Vista. So you can safely go about your work.

3. No more hunting for drivers – Just about everything works with Mac, even the stuff you used with your old PC. All you have to do is plug it in. A Mac has USB drivers for printers, external drives, digital cameras, input devices, iPod, and more. It can see Bluetooth cell phones and headsets, as well as FireWire cameras. No rebooting, no hassles.

4. Macs are beautiful – You won’t want to hide your Mac. You’ll want it front and in the center of your life. The Apple style shows in every detail, from its sculpted surfaces to its gorgeous Mac OS X graphics.

5. Files/documents are compatible with Windows – Compatibility isn’t an issue anymore with Macs, so you can easily swap files between a Mac and a PC.

6. You can make amazing stuff – Every Mac comes with iLife, a suite of software that transforms your photos, music, and video into all kinds of projects. Make high-quality websites, photo books, DVDs, songs, slideshows, music CDs, calendars, cards, prints, podcasts, music videos, documentaries, and more.

7. Keynote! – Without doubt my favorite presentation software of all time. Easy to use interface but can create absolutely stunning presentations. R.I.P. Powerpoint.

8. iPod Syncing made easy – Connect your iPod and a few seconds later your iPod is updated. No fuss guaranteed.

9. Spotlight – Type in anything in the Spotlight menu and it will search for all the files with that keyword, including inside the files. So if you’re looking for all files that contain a specific word, it will list all the files within seconds. Fast. Very fast.

10. No more blue screen of death – My Mac has never crashed. Ever. In the seldom event that a program hangs, you can just click a combination of a few keys and you’ll be prompted to force quit the program. Click and it closes with no fuss. CTRL+ALT+DELETE on a PC however, sometimes works, but most of the time doesn’t.

And the list goes on, and on, and on..


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